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About Us

Chris began his dancing journey in 2008 while in college (Texas A&M University-Whoop!). As the original creator of Red Dirt Dancing in 2018, he used the original Facebook page to review local dancehalls and document his dancing journey as he attended group lessons and competed all over Texas and beyond! Sarah's dancing journey also began in college (Where you ask? Also, Texas A&M University-Whoop!) but didn't begin taking off until late 2019/early 2020 when she was connected with the local Austin, Texas dance community. The two met while dancing (of course!) and began their journeys together in mid-2020.

With their roots in the dancehalls and technique from the studios, Chris and Sarah Ivey of Red Dirt Dancing mix fun with finesse to their dance. The duo have taught over 1,250 group and private lessons, hosted competitions, organized corporate events, performed at festivals, perfected wedding dances, been featured in popular country music videos, choreographed a movie "Side Step", and travelled across the United States helping communities cultivate their dance scenes. 

Chris and Sarah have been trained by numerous World Champion dancers in many different styles of dance and firmly believe in life-long learning!

With over 90+ dance wins combined in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Arizona, Chris and Sarah enjoy competing in dancehall-style competitions the most.